• Born in Rogers, AR (home of Walmart and chicken).

  • First in family to pursue a career in performance -Finishing up BFA Degree in Musical Theatre at MSU (taught by Robert Westenberg and Dear Evan Hansen's Lisa Brescia) .

  • 5 years of experience as a princess for Princess Party Palace. It's kind of like Disneyworld in Northwest Arkansas.

  • 2-years experience as marketing and operations management for Tent Theater. 

  • The most amazing restaurant server you'll ever meet.

  • These are a few of my favorite things: eating, laughing, my mom, my cat Beibo, singing in the shower, and reading. I also make really awesome friendship bracelets.

  • Plan to move to NYC September 2020 after graduation.

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Remember who you are + what you stand for!
                                            - my mama 
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  • Twitter, Jenna Leavitt
  • YouTube, Jenna Leavitt
  • Instagram, Jenna Leavitt
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